Global Parliament of Mayors Talent Cities: Building Momentum, Expanding Local Capacity!

January 2019, the Global Parliament of Mayors announced a new partnership with New Learning Ventures LLC (NLV) to form the GPM Talent Cities initiative.  Mayors representing over 13 million citizens in cities in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the EU, the UK and the US have expressed interest to date. According to Gerri Burton, CEO of New Learning Ventures and Lead of the Talent Cities initiative, “Today, and certainly by 2030, talent will be the key indicator of a city’s economic viability, ability to attract investment and serve its citizens.   Mayors that are expressing interest now understand the value of inclusive talent, a basic value of the Global Parliament of Mayors. They are building cities and global partnerships that will maximize investment, stimulate innovation and ensure leadership positions in the global economy of the future, based on realizing the talent potential of all citizens.”

New Learning Ventures is acting to support these forward-thinking Mayors by building capacity on the ground forming a partner network that will serve GPM Talent Cities.  This dedicated capacity ensures the optimal performance of the initiative, the inclusiveness of all aspects of city residents, and serves as a local resource for the public-private partnership.  Talent Cities is a fully outsourced program that is custom built for each city utilizing a set of common components which enable city-to-city connectedness. Talent Cities partners are carefully selected for their knowledge of local government, high priority growth sectors, and their city education system. Partners are passionate about the mission of Talent Cities and how it supports inclusion and growth in cities and so their respective regions, states and countries.

In select cities across the United Kingdom, highlighting Bristol and WECA, and the Republic of Nigeria, New Learning Ventures is pleased to have entered into a partnership agreement with to serve as our business development and project implementation partner.  “We are honoured to be partnering with NLV to implement the Talent Cities programme. looks forward to introducing cultures of exploration and systems thinking across cities and international boundaries.”, Olubodunrin Tokosi, CEO of  

The Global Parliament of Mayors serves Mayors on six continents.  The GPM Talent Cities programme offers Mayors unique vantage points on economic prosperity and societal inclusion.  The potential for leap-frog impact on education transformation and talent leadership will ensure that every citizen has an opportunity to reach their potential and contribute to the global economy of the future.   For more information please contact, Gerri Burton or Olubodunrin Tokosi.

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