School Transformation in Three Broad Brush Strokes: Early, Personal and Relevant!

By Matt Doyle, Ed.D., Interim Superintendent of Vista Unified School District and Gerri Burton, CEO, New Learning Ventures. 

In our most recent blog post, we promised to introduce the bookends of Vista Unified’s great transformative journey: the P-3 Continuum and Talent Cities.  These two bookends exemplify our three brushstrokes of transformation: Early Education, Personal Learning, and the World of Work.  Taken as a whole, we believe these three brushstrokes, measured by Wildly Important Goals or WIGs, will change the future for each of our students readying them for college, career, and contribution to global society.

Our world is becoming increasingly more complex. Sadly, our traditional model of education is simply not equipped to keep pace with the increase in complexity. Students graduating high school from a traditional system often do not move into the world of work with the requisite experiences, skills, and abilities to navigate a rapidly changing career ecosystem. Indeed, projections from a research project at Oxford University indicate that by the year 2033, 47 percent of all jobs may be lost to automation (Frey and Osborne, 2013). We are seeing the impact of this projection today with the rapid movement toward autonomous automobiles silently moving around our streets. In Vista Unified, we not only acknowledge the shift toward complexity, but we are embracing the reality of its implications on how we structure our educational program. At Vista Unified, innovation is key to transformation to a new learning ecosystem that paints three broad brushstrokes. These brushstrokes are intended to engage all students in a learner-centered pathway, leading to flexible, nimble thinkers ready to adapt to careers that do not currently exist.

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