Vista Unified Sets Sights on Personal Learning 2.0: Powerful Performance Frameworks

This post originally appeared on Next Gen Learning in Action on Education Week.

By Matt Doyle & Gerri Burton

At Vista Unified, we are beginning the process of implementing Personal Learning 2.0.  Personal Learning 2.0 occurs when a school district has reached a tipping point at which more schools than not are engaged in transforming the educational experience to become more personally aligned to the strengths and interests of each learner.  At Vista Unified, we reached this milestone last September when over 50% of our schools opted to actively engage in the Vista Unified Personal Learning Challenge.  We call this the “Personal Learning Challenge Tipping Point.”

At the tipping point, our goal is to ensure that district processes, structures, and governance support personal learning. Personal learning is now our new normal.  Accordingly, we are in the process of transforming the way the school district supports a student-centric orientation to education.  At Vista Unified, we have learned that personal learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom–it requires a thorough reimagining of the district model to support full transformation.

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